Ana’s Review of Weres & Witches of Silver Lake Book 9: “Melting Her Wolf’s Heart” by Vella Day


This series Weres & Witches of Silver Lake is great, each story has been wonderful, but this one really brought across the fact that a person really can change especially when they are truly good inside.

Goddess Vinea Summer, sister of the Goddess Naliana, has been living in the darkness most of her life, but that didn’t stop her from developing strong feelings she didn’t understand when she first saw Devon McKinnon. She has been stripped of her darkness now and feels a very strong need to make up for all the evil she has caused in the past, but foremost is trying to gain the trust and love of the man she betrayed and that has always held her heart in his hands. She has a long road ahead of her, one which she is willing to travel.

Devon McKinnon has tried very hard to suppress the feelings he has had from the moment he saw the Goddess and her betrayal has been a big help, but when he sees her again his wolf won’t shut his mouth about her being his mate. He won’t believe her claims of being a changed person and that she is not tricking him again, after all, she is a goddess and could very well be casting a spell on him, words alone won’t be enough. Only time will tell if will he hold strong, or if Vinea will convince him of the new person she is.

Is it all a trap, is Vinea in cahoots with Brother Jacob and his changelings, or is she really in danger now that most of her powers are gone?

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