Ana’s Review of Big Cats Book 1: “Sebastian” by Crystal Dawn


The Lion Sings Tonight!

I really like this new series, I’ve always loved feline shifters and this is going to concentrate on a large variety of big cats. I can’t wait to go on this adventure as the big cats settle into their new home in the US, deal with adversities and romance.

Sebastian Hunter was named King of the North American prides and this carries a large responsibility, his hopes are that all the different cats will name their leaders now that they have relocated and settled in Missouri. Hopefully this will come together and thus relieve him of some of the responsibilities. He is a very sexual man, as are all big cats, but he has refrained from seeking, well not really seeking because he can have any female he wants. It has been this way since he can remember. That is why when he sees the pretty human Andi, he is taken aback by her indifference. He has never gotten that reaction from a female, not human or shifter and he is intrigued because his lion is purring, actually purring. Maybe if he seduces her for one night his lion will calm down, or will he?

Andi Smith is so focused on her business that she doesn’t bother to have a personal life, but when she sees the Lion king she can’t stop dreaming of him. Still she can overcome this after all they are just dreams, but when she finds herself in his company one night, she literally jumps his bones. She is cousin to Arial alpha of the White Wolves very saught after female shifters, which means she has some shifter blood in her, can that be the reason she feels such an attraction to a man that obviously was only looking for a night of pleasure. What she doesn’t know is that Seb is just confused and avoiding the truth that is staring him in the face. She will also have to face the truth of what truly lies within her when Seb finally claims her for his own.

Can’t wait for the next story and see where this new land and adventure takes them.


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