Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “Northern Sass” by Elianne Adams


Man do I love the world of Sassy Ever After, all these stories are so full of Sassy gals and hot romances.

Maple was taken away from her birth home at the tender age of 12 with no rhyme or reason. Her grandparents always use to tell her to be careful with the wolves that roamed the property, but it didn’t keep her from making friends with a cute little wolf that visited her everyday, she would never forget him.. Even now 20 years later she feels the need to go back to the little cottage where she lived happy moments. Even better was the fact that she came upon a wolf that looked awful familiar and a hunk that made her think her short vacation there would be worth the trip.

Jaxson lived in pain for many years when his soul mate was taken away, he waited and waited until he learned to live with the loss. Now after 20 years of waiting and ready to do what he has been avoiding as alpha of the pack, attend a scenting ceremony to take a mate, he catches a whiff of an aroma forever ingrained in his wolf and one he thought to never smell again, his mate! But will his human mate be able to accept him after all that was ingrained in her from childhood, or will the passion he has awakened in her be enough to keep her by his side.


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