Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “License to Sass” by J.K. Harper


Hot Blooded!

Ladies get your showers, hoses, towels, or fans whatever you’ll need to cool off because it’s going to get real hot!

Dante Romano is an honest to goodness alpha macho ladies man, but there is only one Latin beauty that really gets his wolf howling and he knows that no matter how many conquests he has, she is his mate. Problem is Carmen doesn’t want to be his mate, oh she is more than willing to be in his bed on and off and she can give as well as take all he has to give since they were in high school. How long can a wolf wait though?

Carmen DeLaCruz has been in lust with Dante since the first time she met him in high school, but she just can’t be his mate and succumb to his macho ways. She falls in and out of bed with him and can’t resist him when he touches her, hell when he grins that smug grin of his because he is well aware of what he does to her. Only when she finds out he is ready to find another mate does the Latin green head of jealousy show it’s claws and make her realize that she’s not only been in lust with him, but in love..Will it be too late to grab that wolf by the tail?

OMG, I almost jumped off the bus this morning while reading this scorching story to get some much needed air…LoL   Loved it!



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