Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “Phoenix And A Dash of Sass” by Jami Brumfield


Come On Baby Light My Fire!

Blue Creek really has a lot of sass going on in town!

Tessa has a very unique gift, or curse as it may be and she has no time for a personal life, much less a mate for life. Problem is this man really lights her fire! She will enjoy that fire for as long as she can, but then she must continue with her life’s mission and it doesn’t include the fiery man by her side. Will his death be enough to bring her to her senses.

Jackson a rare phoenix shifter has one passion in his life, the kitchen of his restaurant. And then he sees the woman that is meant to be his mate, he always laughed when his mother told him how special she would be when he found her, but he’s not laughing now. If only he could convince this very special human what it would mean for him to have her forever by his side.


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