Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “Sassy Witch” by S.L. Stacker


This gal is a little more Rash than Sassy, just saying.

Witch Kendal has always had a crush since High School on her brothers best friend Alpha Auran, what she doesn’t know is that Auran has known she’s his mate since the first time he saw her. He’s just waiting for her to realize the strong attraction and make the first move. When she finally decides she can wait no longer, it’s explosive between them. Only set back with their uncontrollable joining is that Kendal losses the ability to use her witchy powers to protect herself, a fact that she seems to forget as she jumps into a very volatile situation trying to help Auran protect the wolf packs

Auran as alpha of his pack has always put them first when it comes to their protection, but he soon realizes that mating puts them in second place, especially with a mate that seems to put others before her own safety.

There is a threat to the packs out there and now Kendal’s brother and leader of the witch coven that have set a protection spell on them is acting strange and has alienated his sister and best friend.

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