Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “Sassy Vigilante” by Gracen Miller


Who said opposites don’t attract? Now that is what I call one tough sassy chick and he is one hot sexy geeky tiger, Rawrrrrrrr!

Skarlet has lived her life ridding, or redeeming, whichever may be,  the world of paranormal evil by just one touch. Some may say she is evil, but that’s not the case, she is just one of the very few sorceresses of her kind left, but with an added bonus, or curse. When she comes face to face with the hot tiger she realizes she has found her siren song (mate), but will he be able to accept her with her special ability and will the geeky looking hunk live up to her standards?

Tiger shifter Nelson Montreal is known to all as Deader because he is the bone whisperer after all. He is living in Blue Creek and working as the Forensic Medical Examiner. They are on the trail of a serial killer known as the Redeemer, problem is every time they find one of the victims, he scents a sweetness which always calls to him. When he bumps into Skarlet her sweet scent tells him she is his mate.

When they first come together it is explosive without even consummating their union. The geek is no mere geek, he is a very dominating shifter in every sense of the word and Skarlet no submissive at all, is more than willing to submit to her brainiac. Will Deader be able to ignore the truth of his mate, or will his law enforcement soul give in and force him into a life without the only woman who has ever met every single one of his desires?

OMG call the fire dept and get those fire hoses ready because the passion between these two is way over the charts.

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