Ana’s Review of Zodiac Shifters Gemini: “Out Foxed” by Melissa Snark


Music to Soothe the Soul

OMG I fell in love with this musical coyote, he is magical! Can you imagine a man that talks to you and enthralls you like he was singing?

Silver is a coyote shifter trying to leave his thieving and conning past behind by pouring his soul into music with his band. When he is told by his trickster god to steal for him one last time, he never expected to be tossed into the arms of the foxiest creature he has ever seen. Silver doesn’t want a life mate, he is more than happy to slate himself in the arms of any groupie as always, but he finds himself mesmerized by her emerald gaze.
Now if he could only convince his vixen that she can trust him and that her song will forever be ingrained on his heart, he will be a very happy man. Problem is she keeps trying to run from him and he is more than happy to chase.

Hannah is a very distrustful fox shifter, she was tricked years ago by a sly coyote and life mated against her will. Now all she wants is to save her grandmother from the clutches of an evil wolf shifter and her twin from the son of the Russian gangster she stole from to accomplish this. She hadn’t anticipated being robbed of the artifact by a very sly and sexy coyote. Then when she tracks him down his song entrances her. Will one night with the sexy man be enough for a fox in heat, or will she keep running from him and herself.

This had me cracking up….LoL  “Hello” said Mr Dick “I’m eager to make your acquaintance”…..LoL

I loved this story, Ms. Snark writes with so much depth, I could feel the pain, the longing and the love, I was transported. I would love to read more about this ragtag bunch.

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