Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “Watch Your Sass” by Melanie James


Blue Creek is a sanctuary for paranormal, and the Black Paw wolves have always gone to the rescue when needed there and some have even found their mates and never in an easy way either. Because those wolves are more than just mere werewolves, the are also Berserkers.

Emmett of the Black Paw Pack, has isolated himself and can’t figure out why he has lost interest in all he he once had.. When Terrance Wolfe of Blue Creek requests help from the Rafe alpha of Black Paw to find and eliminate the Rogues trying to harm their females, Emmett is sent.. When he catches the heavenly scent and discovers the rogues standing over a luscious female that carries the scent, his beast emerges after years of lying dormant to save his mate. Now he realizes why he, his wolf and berserker have been so indifferent, they fear what the beast can unleash.

Hannah has always been a big girl and she has been shunned for it, which is why she can’t accept the fact that such a hot man would want to mate her. Although she can’t avoid the desire he evokes in her, she refuses to accept the mating, but he is making it very hard, in all ways. Will Hannah be able to stay away from the mate pull, or will she be responsible for that which she is avoiding.

Sexy hot men can’t be ignored….LoL


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