Ana’s Review of Dracones Book 3: “Betrayed” by Sheri-Lynn Marean


Have I said before how much I love this series, I think I might have said it each time a new book comes out…I told you all that this was a great up and coming author when I read her first book and what’s the saying????? “I told you so!” LoL

Well Hellfire is still all that her name implies, a phoenix with a mission, wipe out all the Illyium and try to forget that hot Dracones male that made her feel things no other male has, problem is she scorned him that night, it was wham bam, thank you Mr! Now she’s rethinking her decision, but seems it’s too late cause he has a new gal, she is even giving him something she could never do. Besides how could she compete with a beauty like her. She is too scarred both mentally and physically, she can never trust a male no matter how sweet and honorable he may be. But she can’t seem to keep her head away from him when he’s around and she is going to have to be if he’s to help with her sister Nix.

Samarias was very hurt the one night he had with his soul mate, she used him and left, it has been very hard to overcome. He was at the point of no return, but now he has someone and something to live for and as long as Hellfire stays away from him all will be fine. Seeing her is a whole different matter, but he must stay strong and true. He is a very powerful Dracones just come into his Awakening and wields even more then he realizes. He must put himself to the test as he returns to his destroyed home and discovers truths he would have preferred to never confirm.

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