Ana’s Review of Dracones Book 4: “Thaniel” by Sheri-Lynn Marean


OMG this was such a deep heartfelt story! Too often in real life we see, or hear of the impact that the selfishness and cruelty of adults on their children can cause. Never have I seen it up close, but Ms. Marean did a fantastic job of writing the heartbreaking and chilling story of one such child.

Thaniel lived the pain of watching a loving father abandon him on his 4th birthday and the blame and hatred that his mother showered upon him until she died when he was 8 years old of an overdose. He lived through that, abusive foster homes and even survived hunger and abuse on the streets. Through all this he never lost his humanity and a thirst for love pushed him into the arms of a scheming werecat, that forever changed his life.

Everyone he ever loved either abandoned, or hurt him, which turned him more distrustful each day to point where even the trustworthy were strangers to him. Will Tierny and Jax be able to win the trust and love of the very damaged Thaniel, or will he forever live like the beast that girl turned him into that day?

I cried tears of sadness, pain, hope and happiness. Man did I cry!

There is always hope that the cruelty of some parents will not rub off on their children and that they will find love when they least expect it.

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