Ana’s Review of Forever After Dark Book 2: “Scandalous” by Elle Thorne



It’s Just A Tantrum!

Did you say tantrum, duhhhhh earthquake, Holy Cow! Give those kids some ice cream, candy, whatever they want, but please don’t let them throw a tantrum!

Bachelor bear shifter twins Sean and Tyler have their hands full with their twin sisters Hybrid Elementals Tessa and Trish. Every single nanny they get for the girls, so they can work, takes off running when they have one of their tantrums….But that is not going to stop the guys from caring for the little girls, or the girls from adoring their brothers.

Griz has got the right idea though, get elementals to care for elementals right, wellllllll. Enter Circe’s twin sisters Camden and Eden, only someone forgot to tell them it was a nanny job. Camden is flabbergasted by Tyler and Eden is horrified of bears…In a town full of bears? Can it get any weirder?

I so loved seeing all the gang…Mae, Doc Grif, the Romanoff gang. I am so looking forward to reading more about the twins, all of them!

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