Ana’s Review of Stonefire British Dragons Book 9: “Aiding the Dragon” by Jessie Donovan


I’ll never get tired of repeating how much I love the dialogue between these dragonmen and their dragons! I’ve also come to a conclusion, the dragons although horny beasts, are smarter in regards to the hearts of these dragonmen than their human.

Aaron Caruso is a very strong Protector from Stonefire on a mission to the Irish Clan Glenlough, he still remembers the Clan’s leader from his previous visit there as he waits to enter the gates of Glenlough. She was a strong beautiful dragonwoman, the only female leader and hell bent on keeping it that way. Problem is his darn dragon keeps insisting on stealing a kiss from her while there, but he wants no commitment with any female after his bad experience in Italy and Teagan surely won’t be acceptable to a romp in the sheets.

Teagan has a very precarious leadership being the only female leader of a clan, there are many who would see her gone. She won her position 5 years ago and she is dedicated to changing with the times and proving that a female can lead just as well as a male, as has been done for generations in her Clan.. Seeing the male Aaron again reminds her of what her dedication has denied her and her dragon won’t let her forget either. Maybe one night with him will be enough to satisfy her needs, or will it? Will she be able to resist and let him go back to England, or risk losing her leadership by keeping him by her side.

As usual I loved the banter between man and dragon, I’ll never get tired of it, makes me laugh so much.

I can’t wait to read Brenna and Killian’s story, that should be a very interesting one.


2 thoughts on “Ana’s Review of Stonefire British Dragons Book 9: “Aiding the Dragon” by Jessie Donovan

  1. Thanks Ana, makes me want to read this Now!! Love Love a book the makes me laugh even with the trails of love!!


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