Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: “Kissing Sassy” (Siren Song Book 1) by Gracen Miller


This is one Sassy lady for sure all spunk and stubborn as all get out! She is also more than she seems, way more’

Olivia Scott, famous Hollywood star has been running from a shifter that wants to mate her by force. She is very weary of all shifters, especially wolves, except the Wolfes’, she feels like family with them. This is why she runs to Barbara Wolfe in hopes of finding some kind of protection, when Barbara sends her to Blue Creek’s shifter bar. What she didn’t count on was running into a very obnoxious, sex on legs and especially not feeling an extraordinary pull to the hot surly wolfman. But Olivia has a secret not even the Wolfes’ knows about which is even more dangerous than her stalker and he may be the answer to ridding herself of any threat.

Theodore “Cajun” Wolfe is content living his life alone and doesn’t believe in all the mumbo jumbo about finding his soul mate. Then in walks the lovely human actress Olivia Scott and that all goes out the window when his wolf sees her, forget that she’s not even his type and a human to boot.
Cajun soon discovers that she is also a paranormal, but nothing he has ever seen. He’ll take her weirdness and all, if he can convince her he is trustworthy and they belong together, passion aside.

All bets off as Cajun proves his prowess not only in bed, but protecting her and accepting her for all she is.

Great story, I love these Keys!

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