Ana’s Review of Dragon Guild Chronicles Book 4: “Dragon’s Curse” by Carina Wilder


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

I love this series, these Dragon Guild hunks are so hot and sexy and their seekers are very independent strong women. As we come to the conclusion of this great series, the dragons retrieve the final Relic, but not without lots of intrigue and hate. There is much hate, hurt, hope, frustration, passion and a love so deep that nothing can stop him from achieving his desire..

Broody and surly Minach has always hidden behind a hard exterior, He has always blamed himself for the horror that befell his twin Lyre when they were children and has deemed himself a beast since, a monster that doesn’t deserve love. But he finds himself desiring to be a good man when around a Amara an Enlightened. Problem is she won’t allow him any closer than a friendship and strangely he is not a bastard around her, but she brings out the good in him if only for a little while. Amara has lost her Deor and fears that being with the man she has loved since meeting will bring on her bloodlust and harm them both. Time is running out for her, she is slowly fading as all Enlightened that refuse to seek the nourishment they require, human blood. Will finding fourth Relic allow Minach and Amara the love they have denied themselves for so long? Will there finally be an end to the too long war the Guild has longed to halt?

I loved reading Minach’s story, so full of self loathing, hope, acceptance and love.

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