Ana’s Review of Aloha Shifters: “Lure of the Bear” (Jewels of the Heart Book 3) by Anna Lowe


This third book of this great series Aloha Shifters centers on the most gentle of the group, big and quite bear shifter Hunter. But don’t let his demeanor fool you, he can be just as deadly. Hunter isn’t too spiffy these days though, as a matter of fact he has been down right down in the dumps. The woman that is his fated mate, that he has loved since school saw him in his raw form and has been avoiding him. Now he will never have a chance to woo her even if he ever got up the nerve to do so. To top it all off he has been having those awful nightmares about the horrible events of his childhood ever since.

Officer Dawn Meli has been secretly in love with Hunter since they first met in school, but how can she ever trust,or harbor illusions of being with him now that she has discovered his big secret. She still can’t wrap her head around it no matter how the man pulls at her heartstrings. But underneath all that bestiality there is an inherent gentleness and sadness about him and she just can’t resist him. Will her love be stronger than her sense of duty? What Dawn doesn’t realize is that the fates have plans for her and they include her bear.

Who will be the next to find his mate, moody Cruz, or cranky Silas?

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