Ana’s Review of A.K. Michael’s A Wolf’s Hunger: “Saint” by Bella Roccaforte


Saint is ready to take his place as Alpha of his pack when his father steps down, but all of a sudden he feels this uncontrollable desire to run as his wolf and hunt. There is a rage in him that he won’t admit to as he steps unto the reservation to sate his uncontrollable hunger. He is going against all the pack rules and doesn’t care… When he sees a girl with beautiful red eyes being attacked by a wolf on his land, his wolf springs into action with the need to protect her. Problem is she disappears on him, he can scent her, but can’t see her and his wolf won’t let up on finding her.

Scarlet has never been accepted being a Vague she was born without a wolf, she can’t understand pack politics since she never lived with them. But when she sees that beautiful sleek black wolf come to her defense against the wolf that attacked her, she is drawn to him, but her fear makes her jump. Jumping from one location to another is one of her powers. When she sees Saint in his human form she realizes why she was so drawn to the black wolf, he is her mate. Problem is she is a Vague and can’t possibly be the future alphas mate, but now she is told that she does have a wolf, problem is finding her wolf and having her wolf accept her after so many years. Saint swears he will help her find her wolf and if not, he will still want her.

Where is Scarlet’s wolf, are there unknown powers behind the lose of her wolf and will she find her before it’s too late.


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