Ana’s Review of A.K. Michael’s A Wolf’s Hunger: “Zohar” by A.K. Michaels


Ain’t No Mountain Big Enough!

OMG, I absolutely LOVED this story, I couldn’t put it down for a second, not even to use the little girls room! I loved big bad enforcer Zohar, but I especially loved the tiny full of spunk Maisy, when she laid eyes on Zohar of course. That such a tiny thing could tame the big bad wolf was fantastic.

Lead Enforcer for the Council Zohar, has a reputation that he has earned after years of defending the victims of abuse at the hands of alphas and rogues. He has a dark past which haunts him every night, leading him to believe that the goddess would never gift him with a mate. What woman in her right mind would ever want a man who is feared by just the mention of his name. That’s why he will not accept the fact that the hunger he has is due to the mating call, he thinks someone has used magic on him to throw him off his game. Then he is confronted by a tiny bit of a woman who shows no fear of him and even stands up to the mighty Zohar. But Zohar cannot accept the fact that she is for him, he is too dark inside to receive such a ray of sunshine. Will the big bad wolf give in to the bit of beauty in his face, or will he give in to the darkness that lives in him.

Scared y pants Maisy gets so much spunk when she sees the mighty Zohar, she will not allow him to deny the mating call no matter how big and bad he is.

AnaWolf Flame

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