Ana’s Review of Sanctuary, Texas Book 6: “My Vampire Knight” by Krystal Shannan


I can’t believe we are coming to the end of this wonderful series full of a diversity of paranormal. The battle begins and there are many losses, but remember from devastation will arise a new beginning. In this wonderful conclusion, we find that there is a villain other than the most evil Xerxes.

Calliope the beautiful Siren has been hiding for thousands of years in Sanctuary knowing that she could never have a mate for fear of the consequences that will arise from the mating because of the curse imposed on her and her sisters by her father. When she meets Godric her desires and apprehension collide, he is her mate.

Godric is a Djinn/Vampire banished from his land by his family thousands of years ago, now living a life of feeding off and ridding the world of evil. He has no expectations of ever finding a mate until he is sent to Sanctuary in hopes of finding help to rescue his niece Djinn Manda and redeem himself with his family. When he comes upon Calliope he is taken aback when he realizes that his mate is this very mysterious Siren. He scents the desire in her, but is confused by her reluctance to mate. He will resist his urges and embark on his journey to rescue Manda from the clutches of Xerxes with Calliope, his sister Asa, the witch Hannah and Manda’s life mate the Phoenix Jared. The sadness they are confronted with is overwhelming.

Lamassu Noram is rescued from the clutches of his brother Xerxes, the only being capable of defeating him now that Rose is gone. This rescue results in more sadness for the Dragon Queen Diana and her mate Miles. But Noram only has revenge on his mind for the death of his mate Rose at the hands of Xerxes and cares naught for of the consequences of his actions.

There is much loss in Sanctuary and it is devastated, but there are a lot of surprises in store for the readers. There is much violence and even rape scenes, it is not for the faint of heart, but there is much love.

I cried tears of anger, pain, sadness and even joy. Fabulous series Ms. Shannan, I so enjoyed it, but I am so saddened that it has ended, but I have a feeling we haven’t heard the end of these paranormal from Sanctuary.


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