Ana’s Review of The Stone Society Book 9: “Julian” by Faith Gibson


Goddess, I love the Stone’s, such a close loving family. As they prepare to go to war against his uncle Allistair after Rafael has been given the sad news that his mother Athena has willed herself to pass, Julian is fighting his own battle with his beast to rescue their mate.

Julian Stone, genius computer geek learns of the whereabouts and torment his soul mate Katherine is undergoing and puts her rescue into motion. It will not be easy, but nothing ever is for the mates of these honorable males. He is very aware that she may not accept his claim, but this will not change his plans of rescuing her and protecting her. His beast would have it no other way, neither would the man.

Katherine Fox reporter extraordinaire is wrongly accused and thrown into a situation she sees no escape from. She is living torments she never imagined and the only thing keeping her sane is that voice in her head that promises her escape from this torture. But it must be just her imagination playing tricks on her, dreams that she would like to see come true. Katherine learns that her life has been one big lie and only the love and devotion she receives from the sexy and very hot Julian helps her accept this truth. She finds her birth mother and the man who has been watching over her since birth and discovers from him the reason she was targeted and tortured.

In the meantime, Landon discovers the truth behind who has caused Katherine so much grief and feels like maybe he has somehow redeemed himself somewhat for all the bad things he caused the The Stone Society as his real self Achilles, while working for the evil Allistair.

Everytime I read one of these stories, I can’t wait for the next.



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