Ana’s Review of Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides #4: “Kitt” by Tasha Black


Posey has sent the alien brothers Kitt, Remington and Indiana from Stargazer to hide with her good friend dance instructor Honey McCarthy at her summer job on a Catskill Mountain Retreat in the hopes they won’t be discovered and at the same time find themselves mates, so they can stay permanently in their human bodies and on earth. Stargazer has become a Paparazzi Haven with the discovery of Rocky and the other hunk aliens.

Kitt, and his brothers Remington and Indiana are sent to live in the Catskill Mountains with Honey and by the stars that is just what she is a Woman made of Honey. When Kitt sees the human beauty, he wishes he could just stop time and stare at her forever. That is the gift that Kitt has, he can slow time and just hover and go back to regular time. He knows that she is the one for him, if he can just convince her that she is not cursed.

Honey McCarthy has had her share of bad boys, seems she can never get it right and they go all kinds of crazy on her, that’s why when an alien sweet man professes her as his mate, she just can’t take a chance of him turning crazy like the others. She feels the mating pull, she even dreamt of him before he showed up, but she thinks herself cursed. Can she resist the irresistible vortex of pleasure he weaves around her, will Kitt sweep her off her feet?

I love these quirky aliens, they are so adorable as they learn the speech and mannerisms of earth, it would be awesome if all aliens looked like them too instead of the big heads with bulging eyes. LoL


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