Ana’s Review of Timber Bear Ranch Book 1: “Boss Bear” by Scarlett Grove


This is book 1 of this awesome new series about these Fate Mountain Bears, I read Book 2 last night and loved this one as well.

Leland Kincaid the oldest brother of 4 is called back to his childhood home Timber Bear Ranch on Fate Mountain after 7 years of absence because of his father’s death. He finds out that he has been willed 1/2 of the ranch and the role of alpha which he never expected having left under less than great relations with his father. What he never expected besides that were the dire conditions under which his father left the ranch. He would have to quit his great job in Texas and find a way to save the ranch which has been in their family for generations. Another thing he never expected was walking into Fate Mountain Brewery and finding his mate there.

Sylvia is a 29 year old working for the Tax Department as an auditor. She is tasked with the job of going to Fate Mountain and auditing a property that is in serious arrears. She decides she needs a drink before she has to dive into the properties papers in the morning. She has a lovely night and in the morning when she pulls into the property she has to audit, she is met by a very handsome and surprised cowboy, not to mention her surprise.

Will Leland and his brothers be able to save their legacy in time?

There is more than meets the eye at Timber Bear Ranch which might be one of the main reasons the darn Updike Hyenas are so intent on getting their filthy paws on it.


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