Ana’s Review of Stargazer Alien Mail Order Brides #6: “Indiana” by Tasha Black

35496966 (1)

Loved Indiana’s story, he is so easy going and calm of the 3 brothers, he is the most patient.

Nikki has a big secret and it’s eating her alive because her intentions in the beginning were not the same as she wants them to be now… She has come to care very deeply for her friends Honey and Abby and she is finding it harder and harder to keep her hands off the sweet Indiana. She may just be doing the one thing her mentor warned her against, but you can’t deny what’s in your heart. Will Nikki follow her heart, or risk losing not only the alien she is falling in love with, but the only true friends she has ever had fora story.

Indiana is in love with Nikki and he knows she is the only mate for him, but she seems to be pulling away from him and not only will he lose her, but his brothers will lose their mates as well if she decides not to mate with him. He discovers Nikki’s secret, but he doesn’t care and does the unthinkable, he keeps it from his brothers whom he has always shared everything with if it means keeping the woman he loves happy.

I absolutely love these aliens, they are so funny, yet intense in their ways and most important in love. They know that finding a mate is the only way to stay on earth, but they don’t just pick any mate, they truly develop feelings for these females while learning the ways of earth. I love that they have from the mannerisms and even picked names from the 80’s TV and movies…LoL


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