Ana’s Review of Shifting Impulse Book 3: “Janet and the Bear” by Aurora Woodlove


You can’t always judge others by the actions of one person, this is a lesson learned by these two scarred souls.

Celine’s best friend Janet is very weary of men especially shifters after having a very disappointing experience with her lion shifter ex 4 months ago. That’s why when the sexy bear shifter walks into Shifting Impulse where she works, she swears she is not going to jump him no matter how much she wants to.

Sean Spike is a wildlife photographer and a bear shifter, traveling and taking pictures of the wild all over the world calms his bear, who he has kept under control by avoiding relationships since being abandoned by the woman he loved 5 years ago. Now he walks into Shifting Impulse and sees his mate, but he won’t take a chance letting the human know he’s a shifter and experiencing the same thing of years ago over again, no matter how much his bear wants to claim her.

Will Janet and Sean give themselves a chance at love, or will their past continue to rear it’s ugly head?


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