Ana’s Review of The Draglen Brothers Book 6: “Domlen” by Solease M. Barner


Domlen Draglen is one sexy domineering dragon, he does not want a mate and certainly, absolutely not a wolf, but his curiosity is awakened when his evil mother the Queen Nala sees one in a vision.

Tempest Shillen has left her family pack because her apha brother tried to mate her with a wolf to cement relations with another pack and joined her cousins pack. Tempest has always been an outspoken sassy BBW and she’ll be damned if she is going to let anyone control her life. I guess her mama had a vision of what kind of woman her daughter would turn out to be and named her accordingly. What mama failed to see was that said Tempest would meet her match in stubbornness with Domlen Draglen.

Domlen Draglen swears he never wants a mate, he is quite content having a Giver and his pick of any female he wants, especially with the way his tastes run. His curiosity gets the better of him and he searches for the pup in his mothers vision, what he hadn’t counted on was the vision she turns out to be and the sassy mouth on her to boot. Domlen has never turned down a challenge and man does the tempestuous she wolf turn out to be a challenge, but he is stubborn enough see it through.

I loved the sass on Tempest and the way she tore down the macho walls of Domlen on more than one occasion, but will she be able to continue tearing them down, or will she given to his macho ways?

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