Ana’s Review of A Howls Romance: “The Werebears Unwanted Bride” by Marina Maddix


Never Say Never!

Unwanted, wanted, unwanted, oh make up your mind already! Loved this story, absolutely wonderful, served them both right!

Alex Fairchild is really worked up because he has a week left to fulfill his destiny, how bad could it be he’s been knowing this day would come his entire life! That doesn’t make it any easier, especially when he bumps, literally bumps into the most enticing creature he has ever seen. And she will be his departure from the world as he has known it and man will she.

Katarina Hamilton has never understood why her father has always been so protective of her, but at least they’ve let her live her life, if not to the fullest? But when she bumps into that green eyed hunk of a bear, all thoughts of being a good girl for daddy go out the window. She has always heard how mind blowing it could be, but she is ready to find out first hand.

Could fate be more accommodating? What a fun story, couldn’t put it down and the passion however lacking, was mind blowing, especially when she took over the reigns.



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