Ana’s Review of Sizzling Summer Love: “Shifters in Love” Romance Collection


Great Collection!

This is such a great collection of stories from some of the best shifter romance authors, love to read all these authors books and to have so many in one sitting is mind blowing, never a dull moment.

Here’s my review on just one of these books

“Burn This” by Tasha Black

A bad experience and bad reaction to it can scar a child for life.
Johnny is a very Famous Rock Star and he wants to keep it that way and he thinks that the way to do that is by denying his dragon. Besides, all his dragon will do is harm those around him.
Neve has ever only wanted to help people, those souls that drown in drugs and alcohol and see no way out. She sees a way out for them though so she drowns herself in her work at Sanctuary to make sure that happens. When the famous Rock Star walks in to Sanctuary for rehabilitation for alcoholism, she feels there is something deeper that is troubling him and she feels a very deep pull to help him. A pull that may change both their lives forever.

Very deep and touching story.
Magic has a price, see what Johnny’s is.

If you love great Shifter Romance, then this is the box collection for you.



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