Ana’s Review of “When Darkness Whispers” by Lisa Carsisle


I absolutely loved this new Lisa Carlile series, I’m so used to reading the gargoyles, but this is such a new fascinating take on the paranormal. The mystery kept me glued to the book until I finished it. Just a few shifts and that was fine, everything else was so new and intriguing. Who done it kept me guessing and I so enjoyed the unknown, or unanticipated. I really hope to read more like this. Modern war torn lands with a bit of paranormal thrown in and enhanced marine soldiers, could it really be?

A reunion years in the coming, problem is Eva doesn’t remember anything after she entered the Marine NEO program and Gunny Marco De La Cruz after 3 years of silence and thinking the worst wants answers she cannot give. Marco couldn’t be a sexier latin Marine, good thing Eva realizes it too, if only in pieces.


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