Ana’s Review of “Booty & the Beast” by Kim Fox



Believe me when I say you cannot judge a book by it’s cover! This so true for this book and especially the story within the cover.

Beth goes out to the boondocks to sit in the woods for a month, so she can study a precious owl she is going to write about for her dissertation…. She’s a city girl through and through and has been sitting and waiting, but nada! She is so out of her element that she even starts talking to the animals she encounters on her sittings by the lake, she even makes friends with a scarred bear that comes around every day to drink water, she even named the bear Cliff, is she losing her mind? People don’t talk to bears and they certainly don’t want to pet them, but then she is totally knocked out when she sees Cliff barrelling towards her, well that’s what you get when you sit around talking to a bear, he eventually wants to eat you. Then to top it all off she wakes up in a serial killer’s log cabin! Surprise, surprise when she realizes that Cliff is really Logan and that Cliff actually saved her from a bear that really intended to eat her. What’s even more confusing is that the mean Logan keeps talking about her having a concussion like he knew what he was talking about. Beth is about to find out that the saying couldn’t be truer in this case.

Very heartwarming story, we should all learn something from it.



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