Ana’s Review of Lured by Fire Book 2: “Marked Dragon” by Aurora Woodlove


This is book 2 of what promises to be a very good spin-off of Shifting Impulse. Janet has been given the job of organizing events at Shifting Impulse in the hopes of getting shifters their mates…..Presently she has organized a Valentine’s Day event and is freaking because she fears it will be a complete no-show, so she pleads with her friend Erika and Noah to please attend.

Erika a very rare Eagle shifter is recovering from a very bad, loveless marriage to another eagle shifter and is very weary of anyone. Her only friends are her co-worker Cora and Janet and even they don’t know what her previous life was like. She only works and keeps to herself, but when her friend Janet calls on her to help her out, she can’t help but go to her aid by attending her Valentine’s Day event. Little did she suspect that this day would be eye opening and life changing for her, that she would come out of her shell (no pun intended)

Noah is a dragon shifter who has just recently had his dragon emerge and knows nothing about his inner beast. He and his brother have lived in another world all their lives and escaped to this world where there are feelings they were never aware of. He is finally making a life for himself in this world when he starts to feel a pull, but to what, to Erika. he doesn’t realize what it is, what a mating is, only that he feels it. When his brother a veterinarian brings an injured Eagle home, he hears a voice that will seal his fate forever. His dragon feels an attraction to a human, or so she appears to be, for the first time.

This spinoff is going to be heart stopping and passionate, just my kind of stories.

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