Ana’s Review of Zodiac Shifters: Cancer “Water’s Mark” by Rachael Slate


OMG, a crab shifter and a nymph, I love it!

Virginal nymph healer Cyane of Krete has traded her watery form for that of a lad intent on recovering her stolen powers, what she had not counted on was getting locked in the pincers of a gorgeous crab! She can’t slither into his hard shell, but slowly but surely into his heart.

Theron leader of Karkinos a race of crab shifters is intent on saving what is left of his dwindling people that are being consumed by an incurable disease and Cyane seems to be the cure, but at what cost. Now that she has managed to seep into his heart he becomes aware that in order to save his people, he runs the risk of losing the only woman to ever break through his rock hard shell. What will the mighty Theron chose, his people, or his heart?

I loved the spunk in the little nymph and the brutal passion of the mighty crab shifter.

cancer (1)


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