Ana’s Review of A Wolf’s Hunger: “Mako” by Bella Roccaforte


Man do I love their hunger….Saint’s Beta Mako thought it was kind of funny when his Alpha was going through his hunger for Scarlet even though he always stuck by his best friend. He swore he would never go through something like that, never say never!

After Mage Lilliana dies saving Scarlet from the evil of the Anti-Mage her granddaughter Robin a very powerful mage and the last of her family, steps in to take her place. But Robin has an agenda, she plans to be there temporarily to find the evil behind and avenge the death of all her family. Having been raised among shifters, she knows their dynamics and wants no part of it until she meets sexy Mako that is. She does her best to avoid the advances and attraction to him, but finds it is harder than she thought. She must also prove her loyalty and earn the trust of a very distrustful pack, especially their alpha.

Mako, beta to Saint immediately upon seeing Robin feels an attraction he can’t control and takes off to sate the hunger that has overtaken him. She is his mate and no one, not Robin and especially not his alpha is going to stop him from claiming her. If it means leaving his best friend and pack because of what she is, then so be it. What will Mako choose, the feisty mage, or his pack?

Lot’s of action and magic in this very intriguing, story. Who is the traitor amongst the pack, looks can be deceiving.

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