Ana’s Review of Caith Morningstar #4: “Hell Can Wait” by Celia Kyle


Caith Morningstar has the best of both the good and the bad, Heaven & Hell… Her mother, Satan’s sister, made whoopee with 5, 5 mind you, and never once showed her a smidgen of love, at least all her fathers did But she has no time to wonder why, she has a bar to look after, her son and needs to keep Orlando free of evil ghouls. She is one bad A**, but more importantly she is never going to die, until she got infected by something new in town that is. Her time on earth is short, but she isn’t ready to take her place in the underworld next to her Uncle Luc. She finds the source of this very old magic that is in play and finds a blast from her past. How on earth will she be able to counteract it?

Remember, a mother no matter how cold is still a mother and although we may resent the way we are raised, sometimes it’s with an ulterior motive. There are important lessons learned, ones that would be overlooked if things were different. Mothers often prepare us for the world in a way we can’t comprehend, even our fathers sometimes have a hand in it.

Caith is put through trials she never thought she’d face, but she has a long life to live protecting Orlando, but more important raising her son and loving her Soulmate, even if Sam is an angel literally.  This is a very suspenseful story!

I can’t wait to read Caiths next challenge, man are her stories Heaven and Hell and I love them!



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