Ana’s Review of Captured by a Dragon-Shifter Book 5: “Mischievous Prince” by Michelle M. Pillow


OMG I do love these Draig and Var Princes. I never tire reading about their passion and strength, all they have overcome. In this story we learn how the first crystal came to be and I loved reading about it, so rebelliously simple yet so significant for generations to come.

Prince Finn of the Draig has always been the rebellious son never taking anything serious and so he was treated. Trying to prove his worth and love of his people until his plan turned on him, but for the better. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the survival of his people the Draig and Cat people The Var by staying on earth and taking a mate even if she wasn’t his fated. He had not anticipated his friend the Var Prince Ivar fighting him and pushing him and the human Sadie through the Portal, thus staying behind. Sadie is used to moving around having been an Army brat, but she does not know how to stay around for long. Now she is thrust literally through a portal to another world where women are lacking and revered. She finds herself overwhelmed by a prince that is gorgeous and finds that she is falling in love with a shifter who says she is not his fated mate, only a means to an end. Will he realize the truth of what his heartbeat when around her is trying to tell him?

Will Ivar survive on Earth until the Portal is opened again?


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