Ana’s Review of Only After Dark Book 6: “Inescapable” by Elle Thorne


What a wonderful story! Takes us to the birth of a Pride.

Etienne Arceneaux born from the love between a female slave and the son of the Plantation owner. Saved from death by a witch with the blood of a white tiger shifter, escapes in the night to the North and makes his way in the world.. After 8 decades he returns to the land that bore him scars, Arceneaux Plantation. Here he meets the woman that is meant to be his soul mate Celine Arceneaux, but will she accept that he is a white tiger shifter, will he confess his secrets to her, tell her the story of his scars?

Will she understand that the man who raised her as his daughter is his real father? Will she understand the other secrets he carries, secrets that he has with the witch who saved his life, all those decades ago.

Deep and emotional, stirs the truths of a past that no one can ignore. The author did a fantastic job of intermingling a part of history with fantasy. Very well done Ms Thorne! I am looking forward to reading more about the Arceneaux family.



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