Ana’s Review of Zodiac Shifters Cancer: “Cursed in Love” by Bethany Shaw


I so love this series, these Guardians really rock They must kill to protect humanity from monsters, but they also have a passion in them that is overwhelming!

Ethney Wallace is a Guardian born under the sign of Cancer her other half is that of a mermaid. She has quite a history behind her becoming Guardian, being the daughter of famous Mike Wallace, her father was betrayed by her then husband and father of her children in 1305. She died witnessing the death of her children by drowning, thus the desire to become a mermaid. She made a deal with the Goddess to become a Guardian in exchange for the lives of her children. She now dedicates herself to ridding the world of evil that would harm humanity, and is far more adamant when children are in the mix. She has no expectation of ever finding her one true mate like her fellow Guardian Daire did, but upon facing the Army Ranger Noah, she harbors feelings she never thought she would ever have and what is worse is that she may have to take his life on the next full moon.

Noah and his niece Claire and a few other children have escaped the crazed lycanthrope Blackwell who is determined to infect as many humans as he can. A former Army Ranger on leave and visiting with his sister and family, witnessed the massacre of his family with the only survivors being his niece Claire and a few other children, now his only hope is to seek the help of the mermaid Guardian tasked with taking Blackwell out, before the full moon when they will turn into bloodthirsty lycanthrope. What he hadn’t counted on was feeling such a deep attraction for the tough, but sexy Ethney. Will he survive the full moon and have a chance at Ethney, or will she have to be thy one to take his life.


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