Ana’s Review of Dragon Mates Book 3: “Burned” by J.K. Harper


OMG, I could not put this book down, what a wonderful story! Love can conquer all obstacles put in it’s way if the desire is strong enough..

Teagan Lambert lives only for her books, a geek working in The Bernal Conservatory repairing valuable historical books. Her love for Irish history always on her mind and living vicariously through her bestie Savannah. Always the butt of everyone’s sneers because of her geekiness and freckles, she has no illusion of ever finding true love like in her books. After all who would take notice of a 6 foot awkward freckled geek. Little did she imagine that her boss, Sebastian Bernal is a very powerful dragon shifter and that the book she is currently repairing is part of the hoard of another dragon who will forever change her boring life.

Ash Connelly was severely burned years ago and has since lived like a hermit, not allowing anyone but his close friends Sebastian and Kai to look upon him. All he lives for is finding his stolen hoard and thus garnering more power to his weakened dragon. He never even dreamt of ever finding a lover much less a mate until he laid eyes on the geeky beautifully freckled warrior female who almost beheaded him. His dragon who had been dormant since he was burned began to bugle in joy for having found his mate, but the man did not deem himself worthy of such beauty. What could a scarred dragon unable to fly offer a mate?

Will the desire for love between them be sufficient to overcome their deep physical and emotional scars?



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