Ana’s Review of Interstellar Lovers: “Clone Me a Lover” by Rosalie Redd


Just because he is one of many Clones in the image of someone else doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own emotions, to be expected to just act with no feelings is unthinkable and for Angelo Thirteen it has gotten to that point in his life… He is aware of all the emotions that surround him and even though his companions follow the rules, he wants to go against them, He wants to have a life and love, not just service and be serviced, but to really feel the passion. How shallow a life without passion and love to accompany the act.

When he comes in contact with the green beauty that is Elle, he finally decides that if he can, he will fulfill the dream he has always had and maybe there will be a chance for others from earth his world, as well. What has the earth reduced itself to?



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