Ana’s Review of A Wolf’s Hunger: “Holt” by Desiree A. Cox


A Wolf’s Hunger doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter that you are considered the omega of the pack. Barry “Holt” Scofield was always told the story of the Hunger by his mother, he never paid attention to it thinking you had to eat your mate when and if you found her. You see Holt let his childhood experiences dictate his life until the day he had to take his place as alpha when his father was kidnapped. He never thought he would amount to anything, believing all the things that were thrown his way by bullies and what was meant to make him a better man by his father’s beta. Even in adulthood he belittled himself, not realizing that he was alpha material despite all. Only when he felt the need to rescue and protect his pack and felt the insatiable hunger did he realize what his mother meant all those years ago.

He must face a crazed wanna-be to get to his longtime best friend and mate Daci and sate the hunger. He realizes that despite all his misgivings, he is not an omega, but a true alpha like his father was. He is determined to learn all the teachings his father tried to ingrain in him and that he took for granted growing up.

Never let bullies, or mistakes adults sometimes make determine the person you will be, always believe in yourself despite others.


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