Ana’s Review of Cedarville Shifters Book 1: “Panting for Her Panther” by Ever Coming


This is the first book of what looks to be a very successful series. I absolutely love this heart warming, not to mention sexy story..Can you imagine actually living out the fairy tale story your mom used to tell you every night? Being the princess being bitten by love one day?

Christina never imagined she would actually live the fairy tale her mother told her every night and certainly not that the biter would be so hot! But here she was living the fantasy she’d been drawing for the past 10 years, the truth of what her destiny is, the prophesied Historian of the Cedarville shifter community and the mate of Luke the panther alpha. Can she just drop it all and fall into this life so easily?

Luke has been celibate for the past 10 years waiting for his dream fated mate to walk into his life, now that she is here will she so readily accept who she is, what she is to him and what she means to the shifters of Cedarville? Can he convince her to have more than a 1 night fling?

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.



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