Ana’s Review of The Trouble With Elves: “Catching Luna” by Decadent Kane


On her birthday Luna must go out to the forest and spend the night as is tradition for all elfess, it is a tradition Luna feels is for naught and rebels against it, but it is her turn to do so and her father is very set on the tradition that has been for hundreds of years. It is prophesied that a female will be the salvation of the magic of the elementals which in turn will save her kind. There are those that would see this fail, but the elementals also created Darius, turned the elf into a wolf that would serve as guardian to help stave those off and the female would save the guardian by ridding him of the beast and thus making magic well again.

So begins the Trouble With Elves, when Luna embraces the dark and saves Darius twice, first the wolf who saved her life and then the elf born of the wolf who also saved her life and became her mate in one night.



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