Ana’s Review of “Myths & Magic” 21 Books of Science Fiction & Fantasy


This is truly a plethora of stories for all Science Fiction and Fantasy buffs out there.   21 of some of the best authors in these genres have come together to bring you hours of reading pleasure.

Alchemy with Benefits by Katalina Leon

Estele Esposito has always been thought of as a walking witchy disaster, so  when the hunky, sexy Brujo flirts with her and tells her she is a very powerful witch, she almost falls over with mirth..  What would a brujo know anyway, you can’t trust them as far as you can throw him, after all her own father was one and look what he did and mama didn’t let her forget it either, said her mojo was just as bad as a brujo’s.  Those are the ideas she grew up with and we all know what effect that can have on a growing child.  Valentine got his information wrong, she could never be the salvation of San Buena, maybe the destruction, or does Val know something she doesn’t?
Can the Ghost Captain that resides in her apartment be the key to the mystery?  Even the talking shrunken heads show up for this one…LoL

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