Ana’s Review of Silver Streak Pack Book 1: “Her Purr-Fect Surprise” by A.K. Michaels


Connie wants to see her bestie who doesn’t even want to go out happy, so she enlists the help of none other then the Paranormal Dating Agency. If anyone can find Cyndi the love of her life it’s Gerri! Even if she has to give herself up as a slave to get Gerri to take on her bestie’s case, she will. As long as she doesn’t have to sell her shoe collection, that would be a sacrilege….LoL

Cyndi has no desire to go dancing, or date any guys for that matter, doesn’t matter that they all think her strange for a she wolf, she just hasn’t felt it. Learning all she can about being a healer is all that’s on her mind, until he catches a whiff and a looksie at the most sexy and hot bodied man she has ever seen, but he’s not a wolf, what is this man who can make her body quiver, something that she has never felt before?

Mitch a very powerful were cougar and beta is sent to the healer at the Silver Streak Pack by his Alpha and he has no idea why. But when he walks into the healers cabin, Mitch realizes that the beauty standing in his sight is his lifemate and he’s going to have her no matter how much she denies it. He swears to her that he is going to make her scream his name so that her whole pack know she is his mate.

Gerri does it again, but Silver Streak Pack has not heard the last of her because Connie is just as needy and Gerri has her sights on that one.

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