Ana’s Review of Underground Encounters Book 1: “Smolder” by Lisa Carlisle


This new series by Ms. Carlisle is going to rock like all her series do, but this is going to be even better because there are all types of Paranormal characters in this one and I love it !

Nike is a very independent girl, she is a firefighter by day and by night she unwinds by going to a very exclusive underground goth club with her co-worker and bestie Maya called Vamps. On this particular night she encounters the man she never expected to meet up there, the one that takes up all her fantasies and dreams. The hunk that works at the rock climbing gym she looks forward to visiting so she can drool.

Michel is a vampire, who thrives on giving the paranormal as well as humans a place to unwind….Vamps is his baby and he so looks forward to seeing the gorgeous beauty when she makes an appearance there in all her enticing attire, quite different to the gym clothes she wears to his rock climbing club, yes his gym.

Very soon Nike will achieve her fantasy while discovering that not all around her is what she thought. She is introduced to pleasures beyond her dreams and a world she never knew existed.


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