Ana’s Review of “Moonlight, Roses & Murder” by Lorri Moulton


My good friend kept bugging me everyday after she read this story to read it, she didn’t stop until I gave up and did. She kept telling me how great the story was and how blown away I’d be once I read it and man was I ever! A Vampire and a Vampire Hunter, you are kidding right? Well you’ve never met Selina Bellerose.

Selina Bellerose owns the Club Luna’s and all her girls work there with her, but Selina has a very deep secret and someone wants to have her club closed for reasons unknown to her. Could it be that someone is aware of her secret? Can she put her trust in the handsome stranger that has come into town and claims to want to help?

Damien Salvatore has been around for a very, very long time, the 1800’s to be specific a time during which he was a Vampire Hunter. After deciding it was time to get out of the business and marrying his sweetheart, he is attacked by wolves while traveling with his friends and fiance whom he lost that day, then realizes that he has been turned into the very beings he was attacked by.. Instead of giving in to his bestial desires, he learns to control them, and decides to join Interpol and hunt down the evil supernaturals of the world. He is attracted by a series of murders being committed in America very similar to vampire attacks. He visits the club where the murders have been perpetrated and is intrigued by the beautiful woman who owns the club, she really doesn’t seem like a suspect to him, no indication at all that she is a vampire. The more time he spends around Selina, the more attracted he becomes to her…. Will he feel the same when he discovers her deep secret?

If you love the “Tongue in Cheek”, “Who Done It” stories, but even better with a touch of Paranormal at it’s best then this is the book to read.



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