Ana’s Review of Brides of Draxos: “The White Queen” Complete Series by Scarlett Grove


It’s Raining Dragons!

I don’t like cliffhangers, but these are so well written that it really doesn’t leave you hanging, does that make sense???? Well one way to find out, but then you’ll have the whole thing at your fingertips, not like me I had to wait a week to read the next book! Wish I had had it this way, but I do and I’m going to read the whole thing again in one shot….LoL

Joon is one lucky Dragon female, 5 Mates, OMG!!!!! Each different dragon in form, personality, color and passion, who could ask for more and she was worried about having 5 mates….Now she can’t get over the fact that each one is very much more individual than the next.

She is worried that some of them will want to stifle her independence and being a scientist searching for a cure for the terrible plague that has almost wiped out her people the Draxos, it is very important to her that this doesn’t happen. Will this White Queen be able to juggle it all?

Every single one of these books had me sweating, these dragons are so passionate and they were so well written that I felt like I was there.


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