Ana’s Review of “How To Meet Your Apha” by C.E. Black & Gwen Knight


Bon Voyage!

Oh this is going to be such a fun series, I can’t wait!

Kate is tired of the dead beats she has dated, she is really fed up and decides to drown her loneliness in some booze at an old dive. What she never imagined was to meet up with a real dead, but not beat Bram who was just as tired of his dates as she was. Together they decide to drown their loneliness and discover each other….A very unlikely couple, a Fox Shifter and a Vampire, but man do the sparks fly.

If they accomplished it, other sups should have the same opportunity, so with his business savvy and her artistic streak making websites they decide to start a dating site that will bring together others that want to meet their perfect match.
To accomplish this.. In no time the first launch of “Meet Your Alpha” across the ocean will embark to Alaska and vampires and shifters will try to meet their forever.

Book your Cruise aboard Meet Your Alpha and Bon Voyage to all you sups!

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