Ana’s Review of Dragon Secrets Book 1: Dragon Breeze by Rinelle Grey


He Left His Heart Down Under….

What a wonderful, suspenseful series this is going to be.

Brad never thought a week at his uncles in Australia would send him back home to America without his heart. He survived repairing other’s hearts being a successful heart surgeon even though his had no repair. Until his uncle died and left him his house and a very mysterious letter that would change his life forever. He didn’t expect when he arrived at uncle’s in Australia, although he’d hoped, that the girl Lyrian who he’d made love to twice and sent him away a year ago would still be around, what he never expected was that little bundle with blue hair like her mother’s, whom he had thought dyed it…… Now he must protect them from those that would harm them in a country where he was a virtual stanger. He knew how to repair a person’s heart, but he didn’t know the first thing about fighting dragons. Dang he hadn’t known they existing a few hours ago!


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